-->   Well furnished ,spacious and air-cooled rooms with attached toilets.

-->   A common room for recreational facilities.
-->   Strict round the clock security.
-->   Faculty members provide supervision and guidance by living in the hostels.
-->   Composition of administration: Warden, Caretaker, Mess assistant, Physical training instructor and Security officer.


 -->   The College possesses a spacious, beautifully designed and sophisticated auditorium with a seating capacity of 300 with excellent acoustics and modern audiovisual facilities.



-->   The college has an audio-visual lab where special courses are run by experts. Well furnished Seminar Room  with over head projector and sound system.

-->   Special care is taken to maintain the status and hygiene of the accommodation as well as the surrounding habitat. The college has a centralized mess offering balanced and nutritious 3 meals per day to the students.



-->   The institution possesses large cricket, football & basketball playgrounds for physical fitness of the students and a common room to provide space for indoor recreational activities.

-->   Many college buses cover extensively the various routes of the city for the students and staff. Cabs and Vans are also available for emergency and other carrier purposes.

-->   A well furnished canteen is located in the heart of the campus. It provides all type of nutritious and hygienic eatables and beverages.

Computing Facilities

-->  We have a well designed, state-of-the-art central computing centre. The facilities are arranged in such a way that students will be able to work comfortably for long hours. The total facilities available for students in terms of hardware comprise 250 systems with LCD monitors and printers. A wide collection of computer literature enables students to sharpen their skills in client server development environment.


 -->   The campus is completely networked and interconnected. The Internet facility is free for all the staff and students. Teachers make use of various educational Portals and web sites for teaching, research & learning.



-->    The Aarsh campus has been interconnected through Wired as well as Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks. The facilities provide access to internet, intranet, and institution based e-mail.


-->    The College has well equipped workshops to teach the basics of engineering functions to the students. All the basic equipments needed for the fundamentals of engineering like, fitting and assembly, carpentry, welding, foundry etc are available. A team of experienced faculty help the students for effective learning in this area.

Library & Information Center

-->    A fully automated modern Library & Information Centre (LIC) is on its way to becoming an outstanding learning resource centre catering to the ever growing and uncompromising information and intellectual requirements of the students and faculty members. The collection of the library includes books, journals, reports, standards and patents in the field of Science and Technology.

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