Vision & Goals


                  Deliver Education that provides all round development which empowers students to be successful responsible citizens of the nation.



  • Consistently expand level of technical education that improves student’s employability.
  • Deliver Emotional and Spiritual education to the students to make the better citizens for the country.
  • Increase the efficiency of the staff to make the college a centre of all round development of students for a better life ahead.
  • Provide and environment that promotes Indian Culture and ethos in all the people connected to the college.


  • Move towards 100% Employment in next five years.
  • Improve students’ results year on year by 25% at least.
  • Provide full fledged placement assistance to students  and increase placements.
  • Provide 100% practical training to students to enhance their chances of quality placements.
  • Achieve and Maintain the status of TOP DIPLOMA ENGINNERING COLLEGE in and around RAJKOT and GUJARAT.

We, the management of AARSH MAHAVIDYALAYA believe that education and literacy are two different aspects. While Literacy is a part of education, education itself is exceptionally broad.

Education has to be all round. It should lift a student’s technical, emotional as well as spiritual inner strengths. Education should make a person a better human being and a responsible citizen of country.

Further, while the students will gain knowledge at Aarsh, they will also gain the ability to understand and implement knowledge better. They will be empowered to decipher complex problems and provide simple solutions, making them very successful in life.

It has been noticed that while a lot of education institutions are mushrooming all over India, very few are focused to give students a feeling of national pride and ownership of the country and its duties. This alone can be termed as the biggest reason for Brain Drain. We at Aarsh are strongly promoting the Indian Values and imparting knowledge that enables our students to respect and serve the country.

We have activities and curriculum that necessitates students to experience events that give them total all round education. Our Team starting from the top management to the lowest of levels is responsible for making every student a symbol of total success.     


A – Aim To
A – Achieve
R – Reliability
S – Success
H – Humanness/Humanity

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